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satya-narayan-katha2The Satyanarayan Puja is a spiritual worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. Satya means “truth” and narayana means, “The highest being” so Satyanarayan means “The highest being who is an personification of Truth”. This puja is first mentioned in Skanda Purana, Reva Kanda by Suta Puranik to the rishis in Naimisharanya. The details are part of the Katha (Story) that is generally read along with the puja.

Satyanarayana vrat is the easiest and most economical way of self-purification and self-surrender at the lotus feet of Hari. One who observes it with complete devotion and trust is sure to attain his heart’s desire. Our shastras state that during the ‘Kalyug,’ the fruit that one gets by hearing the ‘Satyanarayan Katha’ is gigantic.  The ‘Satyanarayan katha’ and the ‘vrat’ help us overcome vices like lust, annoyance, greed, attachments and ego.