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Vastu is known as the discipline of architecture in ancient Hindu scriptures. It is followed to make sure that house is built keeping in mind the earth’s energy field and place of the planets. However, due to space crisis people are not able to build a house these days which adhering to Vastu Shastra. In order to rectify the faults of construction, a Vastu Puja is held to ensure the house is purified of all unconstructive effects.

Vastu Puja is usually precedes the Griha Pravesh Puja and before the puja commences the place is thoroughly cleaned and purified.

The first step of performing a Vastu Puja is known as Sankalpa, where petals, rice and grains flower are offered to mother Earth by the head of the family while the priest recite mantras. The second is known as Bhoomi Abhishinchan, where the Mother in invoked and in order to purify the place Ganga water is sprinkled with the help of mango leaves. The third stage is called Pran Prathista, where once again mantras are chanted and rice, flowers and grains are offered to the Goddess. Once the puja is over a pit is dug and all the holy things used for the puja and placed in it and covered, so that that don’t get scattered around by birds. A Vastu Puja is usually followed by a Griha Pravesh Puja in every new household.

We must do Vaastu shanti in the following circumstances to avoid adverse effect (circumstances) by nature and environment.

  • When one chooses against Vaastu parameters.
  • Construction of building against the Vaastu convention and money short comings remain in the structure.
  • Due to errors in interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings.
  • When someone buys an old home.
  • At the time of renovation of home or business places.
  • When we have been living for 10 years continuously.
  • After coming back from a foreign trip for a long time.
  • At the time of inauguration of a new home.